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Top 3 Reasons to kickstart your content creation journey!

Do you ever wonder how social media is shaping our lives? Why is content becoming extremely popular day by day? Why are many successful authors, life and business coaches, and entrepreneurs focused on creating content?

The only answer to all these questions is "Content is inevitable."

We are all surrounded by digital media sources such as Television, Movies, Drama shows, Web series, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Hence, we spend a lot of time-consuming content. So don't you think if the content consumption rate is so high, the demand for content creators will also increase? Try brainstorming on this question, and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

There are many reasons to answer why one should start creating content now in the ending phase of 2022. I have explained the top 3 reasons that I feel are the most important.

The Beginning of the Web 3.0 era

The world is already into the transition period from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, where everyone is moving towards Artificial intelligence, AR/VR, and Decentralization. Back in 2004, many people doubted the internet evolution, and on the flip side, many purchased 1000s of domains that are now giving better ROI than a fixed deposit or stocks. The same is happening with data and content creation. Influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk are always focused on content creation, being the most in-demand skill in the future.

Web 3.0, which is all about virtual reality, is growing. As a result, the content will become more interactive and insane. Anyone as a content creator can benefit from this by selling tokens/NFTs, learning the art of digital & NFT marketing, and becoming a part of metaverse projects. In short, It is going to open a door of lot many opportunities for content creators.

Personal branding & Networking opportunities

Content creation might seem easy since it's a process of continuous learning and implementing it simultaneously. Share your knowledge, expertise, experiences, achievements, and projects using open-source & social media platforms. By doing it, you're not only sharing what you know, but also you put your knowledge to the test and build your unique brand that showcases your proficiency. Through this, you can also develop your community, reach out and network with the audience of your niche globally.

Nowadays, many recruiters search for candidates via LinkedIn. Thus, having a personal brand would make you stand out from the crowd, motivate you to work upon your idea, generate leads, or you can start your own business/start-up, collaborate with other creators, and much more. People invest crazy money to learn this skill, so if you start early and use the right strategies, you can surely be ahead of many. Start now!

Become the top 10% in your domain

Not even seven percent of India's population are into content creation. So if you're passionate about your niche, domain, or interests, you must consider playing with the content. While doing so at an early stage, you'll learn, implement, teach others, build an audience, get feedback to reflect on, and most importantly, you will be up-skilled with most of the in-demand skills of your industry which will separate you from others & keep you at the top 10%. The process is very similar to that of corporates.

Neither it's easy to become a top-notch content creator nor that difficult. Anyone willing to learn, has good creativity & knowledge, has discipline and persistence can attain this.

I hope this helped you, I'm sure most of the readers already knew this, but still, many haven't started. I want you all to give it a try. Also, this is my first ever blog, so I would love to know the feedback, reviews, or suggestions in the comment box!

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